Our P&C Insurance Software Solutions team has been providing industry-leading loss analysis solutions to actuaries for over 20 years. Hundreds of insurance professionals at more than 200 companies around the world rely on our software every day for the accurate loss information they need to make strategic and timely business decisions.


We regularly update our loss analysis solutions with new features and modifications. This section contains the latest release downloads and notes, frequently asked questions about each product, and support contact information.

ReservePro Enterprise

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Arius Enterprise: A better reserving process starts here

Where you are today

  • Actuaries have too much data to analyze and organizations have become too complex for you to get completely comfortable that reserves are adequate and reasonable, especially under ever-tightening deadlines.
  • IT professionals must provide financial solutions that are rock-solid, full-featured, and provide significant value and quick payback.

The solution

Arius EnterpriseTM streamlines your entire P&C loss analysis process, managing and supporting everything from claim data through to your final estimates and reports. It gives you:

Immediate, secure access to all your loss, claim, expense, and other data at virtually any level of detail so your team gets the data they need when they need it

Clear, full-featured, complete analyses for a higher comfort level about your estimates

Automated processing of much of your analysis, helping you spend your time where your expertise is truly needed

Consistent analysis across all users and reserving teams, ensuring more efficient and reliable review

Tools to help you track and manage all the work streams throughout your reserving department to make the most efficient use of your valuable resources

Summarized results and tools to provide reports and dashboards for more informed management decision-making

A complete end-to-end reserving solution based on Microsoft’s latest architecture for fast, reliable support of your department’s work and lower cost of operation than traditional network-based computing platforms

A solution that’s easy to use and learn for rapid startup and quick payback

The benefit for you

Arius Enterprise combines immediate access to all your data, superior tools to analyze and report on your results, and systems to automate much of the mundane work in your regular analysis process. You get analyses that are efficient, consistent, and accurate. You can be more confident in your results and add more value to your organization.

Short time to value

A key component of value is how soon you can actually begin to recognize it.

Implementing Arius Enterprise offers a unique opportunity to not only upgrade your tools, but to also improve the workflow and the processes throughout your department. Our specialists have years of experience understanding the processing needs of actuarial professionals. We will spend time with your team to understand your goals for the new system. Then we will work with you to customize a solution to your company’s unique requirements.

We will do much of the implementation work, coordinating closely with members of your reserving and IT teams. We will help you test the solution in your environment, and we will provide training to your professionals.

With Arius Enterprise, your users will be up and running and enjoying the benefits in a matter of weeks. Insurers who try to build similar tools on their own often take years and ultimately end up with a less effective solution. Their resulting systems cost more, don’t have the benefit of industry-wide ideas and input, and significantly delay the value they are designed to provide.

Contact us

Let us show you how Arius Enterprise’s added efficiency can give you more comfort in your results, even under increasing time pressures. Its power and flexibility provide the information you and your management team need to make better, more timely business decisions.