Our P&C Insurance Software Solutions team has been providing industry-leading loss analysis solutions to actuaries for over 20 years. Hundreds of insurance professionals at more than 200 companies around the world rely on our software every day for the accurate loss information they need to make strategic and timely business decisions.


We regularly update our loss analysis solutions with new features and modifications. This section contains the latest release downloads and notes, frequently asked questions about each product, and support contact information.

ReservePro Enterprise

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ReservePro Enterprise: The enterprise-wide reserving solution

The situation

  • Today’s actuaries have too much data to analyze to ever get completely comfortable that reserves are adequate and reasonable.
  • IT professionals must provide financial solutions that are rock-solid, full-featured, and provide significant value and quick payback.

The solution

ReservePro Enterprise Edition (RPEE) streamlines your P&C loss analysis process company-wide. It combines our industry-leading ReservePro analysis tools with a powerful database of all your key loss, claim, and expense information. It also adds capabilities for automated processing. Your analysts get the information and tools they need when they need them, much of your analysis can be done automatically, and the entire system is based on solid industry-standard database solutions.

By combining the world’s most widely-used reserve analysis toolset with a database of all your important data, RPEE gives you:

  • Immediate access to your triangles whenever you need them
  • Clear, full-featured, complete analyses, for a higher comfort level about the adequacy of your estimates
  • Consistent reporting across all your users and groups, ensuring easy review
  • Fast and easy rollups for more timely reporting
  • A solution that is easy to use and learn, for rapid startup and quick payback
  • Automated processing of much of your analysis, including initial selections of factors and ultimates, giving you more time to spend in those areas where your expertise is truly needed

The choice of chief actuaries

RPEE combines:

  • Immediate access to all your company’s key reserving data
  • The tools you need to completely analyze your results
  • Systems to automate much of the mundane work in your regular analysis process

The result is better-quality data and analyses that are more efficient, more consistent, and more accurate. Now you can finally add real value to your company, just as you always knew you could.

Your estimates are only as good as your data

The heart of the RPEE solution is a powerful data mart of all the information you need to support both regular and ad hoc analysis. This database:

  • Is built and managed exclusively for the use of the actuarial and finance professionals, and is always accessible and at your fingertips
  • Is custom designed to meet your company’s unique analysis style and reporting requirements
  • Contains a broad set of data pulled from sources throughout the company, including underwriting, claims, and accounting
  • Is not integrated with or affected by other systems, but is updated whenever you need new snapshots

Be more efficient

Everything about RPEE has been designed to make your professionals more efficient. Virtually all of your routine analysis activities can be automated within RPEE. You can automatically:

  • Add new evaluations to all your triangles for all lines and companies
  • Select a "first cut" of development factors, even tail factors, for any number of business units, sub-lines or states
  • Select initial estimates of ultimates
  • Combine sub-lines into lines or programs into companies, and then re-run previous analyses

You can then review the results and make the final necessary modifications based on your professional expertise. This allows you to spend your valuable time reviewing more complicated issues, unusual changes, and special situations. Think how much more value you can provide if all your professionals focus their time almost exclusively on the areas that really matter!

The industry’s most popular tool set

RPEE gives you access to the most widely used actuarial analysis system in the world. Our popular ReservePro system is a complete framework for your entire P&C loss analysis. It provides more than 40 actuarial methods and more than 200 exhibits and reports, already defined and ready to use. You get sophisticated analyses without formulas or programming hassles, all implemented consistently across your entire department.

Take a look through the sample reports for a complete list of the exhibits and methods available in the system.

Now you can get the information you need, when you need it. Contact us to see how RPEE can put you in charge of your own data, and give you the tools you need to analyze and manage it.

Stable, up-to-date technology

RPEE relies on Oracle or Microsoft SQL-Server database technology. We use these industry standard data-management tools to ensure that you have a reliable, maintainable, expandable environment for your company’s valuable data. All our solutions are built in C++ for the fastest processing possible, and for the industrial-strength reliability that your actuaries are looking for.

Short time to value

A key component of value is how soon you can actually begin to recognize it. RPEE is a combination of our industry-leading analysis and data-management solutions and our years of understanding of the processing needs of actuarial professionals. We use tools and systems that have been around and tested in many companies for a number of years, and then customize the solution to each company’s unique requirements. With RPEE, your users are up and running and enjoying the benefits in a few weeks. Insurers that try to build similar solutions on their own often take years in the process; the resulting solutions cost more, don’t have the benefit of many other companies’ ideas and input, and significantly delay the value they are designed to provide.

Contact us for more information about how RPEE can give IT professionals the stable platform on which to build an effective actuarial solution for the entire company, and give actuaries direct access to quality data together with the tools necessary to analyze and manage it.

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