Our P&C Insurance Software Solutions team has been providing industry-leading loss analysis solutions to actuaries for over 20 years. Hundreds of insurance professionals at more than 200 companies around the world rely on our software every day for the accurate loss information they need to make strategic and timely business decisions.


We regularly update our loss analysis solutions with new features and modifications. This section contains the latest release downloads and notes, frequently asked questions about each product, and support contact information.


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ReservePro: Get the big picture on your reserves

Sophisticated analyses without programming or formulas

More than 60 predefined actuarial methods and literally hundreds of standard reports help you analyze virtually any P&C line of business. You can easily define your own methods, reports, and exhibits, but you will rarely need to.

Working with data in ReservePro

ReservePro® helps you track and analyze losses and reserves, loss adjustment expenses, both ALAE and ULAE, exposures, premiums, and salvage and subrogation.

ReservePro understands the interrelationships between these types of data and maintains data integrity at all times.

Analyzing your data

ReservePro provides more than 200 pre-defined exhibits. These are all calculated automatically, with no programming required. Simply enter your data, and the system does the rest.

ReservePro’s standard exhibits include:

  • Development calculations
  • Averages (average loss; average case reserve)
  • Ratios (incurred losses to premiums; paid to incurred losses)
  • Calculated amounts (projected ultimate less incurred to date)

Estimating ultimate losses

ReservePro automatically combines your data, the selections you make as you analyze your data, and more than 40 standard projection methodologies. The result is the industry’s most complete, yet easiest to use set of tools for estimating ultimate losses, loss adjustment expenses, claims, premiums, and salvage and subrogation.

As with everything else in ReservePro, you have the flexibility to build your own projection methods. While we’ve provided most of the calculations you will probably ever need, you can easily modify our standard set, or add your own methods for special circumstances.

Summarizing your results

One of ReservePro’s strongest benefits is its ability to help you clearly see the results of your analysis and to easily understand the overall trends and relationships in your data. Once you estimate your ultimate losses using one or more of ReservePro’s methodologies, you can compare the various results and select the most reasonable overall estimates. In the following screen, six different methods were evaluated.

Powerful reporting

The easiest way to understand how ReservePro can add reliability and efficiency to your analysis process is to look though a sample of the system’s reports. Then contact us to learn more and to get your own evaluation copy of the system.

Download the sample reports: