Our P&C Insurance Software Solutions team has been providing industry-leading loss analysis solutions to actuaries for over 25 years. Hundreds of insurance professionals at more than 200 companies around the world rely on our software every day for the accurate loss information they need to make strategic and timely business decisions.


We regularly update our loss analysis solutions with new features and modifications. This section contains the latest release downloads and notes, frequently asked questions about each product, and support contact information.

Triangles on Demand

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Triangles on Demand – take control of your reserving data

With Milliman’s Triangles on Demand® (TOD) solution, you’ll save hours every quarter rolling up, preparing, and reconciling claim, expense, and premium detail to meet your increasingly tight time demands.

Actuaries: Get the information you need when you need it

What would it be worth to get started on your analysis a day or two earlier every quarter? That’s possible with Triangles on Demand.

For example:

  • Your team members can now have direct access to whatever data they need to start their next quarter whenever they’re ready, directly from their desktop.
  • You can instantly get any new grouping you want—for example, to take a closer look at a specific or challenging issue.
  • You can easily get triangles by state or coverage rather than your normal feed of country-wide or sub-line triangles.
  • If you want to look at one of your data sets at a specific claim limit to help with strategic planning, you simply select that limit and the triangles are available in Arius.

TOD is specifically designed to do all of that. You can roll up literally tens or even hundreds of millions of records into triangles of virtually any size and level of detail. It’s an optional module for Arius, so you request your specific data sets from within Arius and all the resulting triangles appear in the system, ready for you to use. You get a more efficient analysis process. And because your team starts with reliable numbers, you’ll have more comfort in the results.

IT professionals: Keep the actuaries happy without sacrificing control

IT professionals: How can you easily accommodate new requests from the actuarial department for different cuts of the data, organized in new and different ways, and often under increasingly tight deadlines?

With TOD, the actuaries can generate their own new roll-ups or detailed breakdowns, created directly from the source components. Reconciling totals at any level of detail are automatic and instantaneous, assuring reliable numbers without your extensive involvement.

At the same time, you still retain the level of control for which the company relies on you. All TOD access is based on group permissions that you can manage, and authentication is handled through your company’s Active Directory.

Milliman’s team of experts will work closely with both your actuarial and IT professionals to configure the system to work closely with your other in-house systems and data repositories. We will help you understand and plan for how to take best advantage of TOD’s power and capabilities and make sure all systems are reliably communicating to get you that important data as directly and efficiently as possible.

Watch the video on this page to see the system in action. Then contact us to learn more about how Triangles on Demand adds efficiency and reliability to your reserving process.