Speed & flexibility for your whole department

Corporate Affinity combines our powerful Professional Affinity loss analysis tools, with a database of all your loss and claim data.  It provides an enterprise-wide solution for

  • processing large amounts of data with multiple actuarial methods,
  • aggregating information across many lines of business, and
  • storing results in a centralized repository for further analysis and reporting.

With Corporate Affinity, you can automate the analysis of losses, reserves and expenses for all lines of business, all regions, and all programs.  Initial estimates are calculated for you based on your criteria, and all results are stored back in the database for your further summary and review.  It can even run unattended!  So you can spend your time doing things that require your expertise, instead of just manipulating the data.


Powerful enough for your largest projects
All the data you need for regular and ad hoc analysis is stored in an industry-standard PC-based database server.  This minimizes your reliance on mainframe processing, and assures complete data integrity.

In addition to loss, reserve, expense and related data, Affinity also retains all analysis results.  You can easily share your data and results with others.  This enhances effective communication and assures more efficient work within your department and across your organization.


Flexible to fit the way you work
The standard Corporate Affinity system includes over fifteen actuarial techniques to fit most analysis jobs.  Many more are available to address special requirements.  And because Affinity templates are based on Excel, each is fully customizable.


The solution to your Build vs. Buy dilemma
Corporate Affinity helps with your data management, routine processing, ad hoc analysis tasks, and all summarization and reporting.  And since it’s completely customizable, you can further tailor our solution for your specific situation.


Powerful reporting
Our Sample Reports contain many of Affinity’s exhibits, methods and reports, so you can see how they can help you in both your regular analysis and your ad-hoc and special projects.




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Download samples of ReservePro's reports

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Download samples of Affinity's reports

Professional Affinity
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