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Frequently asked questions

Claim Variability Benchmarks FAQs

What versions of Excel are supported by CVB?

The CVB product supports all Windows versions of Excel starting with Excel 2007. This includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel. At the present time, the Apple OSX version of Excel is not supported.

Are there any memory requirements for using CVB?

No. We do not have any minimum memory requirements. The CVB product requires a small amount of memory and typical users will already have sufficient memory to run the solution efficiently.

Can I temporarily deactivate CVB?

The CVB product should not interfere with other Excel Add-Ins, but if you need to deactivate the product temporarily, the Quick Start Guide includes instructions for deactivating and then reactivating CVB.

Can I transfer the CVB license to another employee?

The license is specific to an individual. However, if the original licensee leaves the company and you wish to transfer the remaining term of a license to a new employee, please contact Support at [email protected].

Can I use CVB for more than one entity?

The standard license allows for use with one entity, which is not transferrable to another entity. If you need to upgrade the license to use CVB with multiple entities, please contact Support at [email protected] for assistance.

Are discounts available for companies with multiple users?

Yes. Please contact Support at [email protected] for information.

Can I use CVB without purchasing a license?

Yes. After installing CVB you can activate the free license and get access to some of the system's functionality. However, to get full access to all the capabilities in the CVB product you will need to purchase a standard license. Please contact Support at [email protected] for assistance.

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