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Arius is Milliman’s complete reserve analysis solution

Now you can have the tools you need to truly understand your business. Your team will get a more efficient analysis process and a deeper understanding of the underlying insurance exposure so you can make more informed business decisions.

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Desktop insurance reserve analysis


Arius® is a complete solution for analyzing casualty reserves and estimating ultimate loss costs. It combines our industry-leading stochastic insurance modeling tools with a robust suite of deterministic reserving tools and actuarial methods.

Arius adds reliability and efficiency to your analysis process, so your team can focus on the important issues in your business.

Enterprise insurance reserve analysis

Arius Enterprise

Manage your overall reserving and reporting process, increase efficiency, and improve the accuracy of your loss reserve estimates. Arius Enterprise® is an actuarial platform that streamlines your entire P&C reserve analysis process.

Actuarial data management

Triangles on Demand

Save hours every quarter rolling up, preparing, and reconciling claim, expense, and other insurance data to meet your increasingly tight deadlines. Triangles on Demand® (TOD) summarizes hundreds of millions of records into triangles of any size and level of detail. Simply request your specific data sets from within Arius and the resulting triangles appear in the system ready for you to use.

Milliman Claim Variability Benchmarks

Milliman’s Claim Variability Benchmarks ™ (CVB) provide benchmark statistics for comparison with your own data, drawn from statistical analysis of 5,100 companies, over 30 years of activity, for 16 Schedule P Property & Casualty insurance lines of business.


What sets Arius solutions apart?

Ease of use

Startup time for most users is measured in hours, not weeks, thanks to Arius’ intuitive, user-configurable interface, and its extensive help in parameterizing even sophisticated models.


Arius conforms to the way your department works, not the other way around. Customize reports or exhibits based on what you need, and the system will manage them for you.

Track record

Arius’ heritage includes some of the industry’s leading reserving tools. It combines both proven reserving strategies as well as some of the latest actuarial thinking.

Speed & reliability

Arius sets the standard for speed and reliability. All deterministic calculations happen in real time, and simulations run hundreds of times faster than in spreadsheet models.


Milliman consultants have extensive experience using Arius, so we can provide the support you need, from basic training to a complete redesign of your reserving process.

Return on investment

Arius provides the shortest possible time to value thanks to fast implementation, ease of learning, and informative reporting.


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